Wednesday, March 21

The Only Site I Visit on the Internet is...

People are always asking me, "Paul what's the best site on the internet?" and I tell them straight up it's CaptainBarbossa.Com

Think about it. Finally! No more searching for that perfect Captain Barbossa picture or quote, ("Ye Best start believin' in Ghost stories...because Yer in One") because you can find them all right here. It's one stop shopping for all your Capatian Barbossa Needs.

Plus you can talk to other Barbossa Fans...All 4 of them in the Guestbook Section

Fans like "barbossa=true captain of the pearl" who writes:

Barbossa is the best, there is just something about him....hmmm ARGHH and he IS the true captain of the pearl. Can any one of you picture him taking orders from Sparrow? I can not!

I concur! Wholeheartedly.

And screw negative posters like "Sparrowgurl" who writes:

Jack is Sooo HOTTTTT (sorry Cpt.Barbossa)

Clearly she is on the wrong Message Board, but I like that she shows respect and apologizes to Cpt. Barbossa for her Negative post

So when you are in need of a Captain Barbossa Fix look No Further. Get Ye to


At 2:43 PM, Anonymous Jeremy Moore said...

Oh wow, talk about funny! This article is funny. You are really funny, keep on being funny. Me and my friend Jacob think you are one of the funniest dudes on Earth, and this post really cemented that. Keep up the fantastic work.

Jeremy Moore


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