Thursday, April 26

My New Best Friends are now the KTLA Morning Show

Yesterday, I mistakenly mentioned I was going to be on "Good Day LA", Well, I lied. Only because I didn't think you could handle the true awesomeness of the fact that I was ACTUALLY going to be co-hosting "The KTLA Morning Show."

Those Guys Kick All The Other Morning Shows Asses.

Some Highlights From The Interview Include A Roundtable Discussion About:

-How Hillary Clinton Should Start Wearing a Nascar Advertising Sponsored Outfit to Help Campaign Funding.

-Alec Baldwin Should Start a New Business Of Leaving People's Out Going Messages. He'll frighten you into talking after the beep.

-The Failed Human Giant Sketch "Farting Dead Zone"

Wednesday, April 25

3 New & Exclusive Human Giant Videos and Other Stuff

We just leaked 3 Brand New Shorts that Have Never Been Seen on Funny or Die
The Embeddable Player is Acting Funky So Follow These Links

Do You like The Satellite Radio well Human Giant is going to be on Playboy Radio on Sirius This Thursday Morning (4/26). We 'd love it if you'd call in to the show 1(877) 205.9796. The show can be heard by SIRIUS radio owners subscribing to Playboy Radio – Channel 198. Between the hours of 7am and 10am PST and 10am – 1pm EST. Visit for more information.

Stay up Late or Set Your Tivos for Last Call with Carson Daly on Thursday Night (or should I say Friday Morning). When Rob Paul and Aziz will be guests on the show and yes, their will be a musical performance by us!

Finally I've been getting a lot of letters from people who notice that the Human Giant Shows that air on Thursday Night at 10:30PM are different than the ones that air in the reruns and they are right. We add a brand new sketch in our can find all those sketches you might of missed at in the Videos Section. (By the way, please don't stop watching the show the night it airs, because that would really screw up those people who make decisions on things like a 2nd season based on stuff like Ratings!)

Monday, April 23

Why I Love Abercrombie and Fitch...

Man Oh Man, I Love Abercrombie and Fitch. It is totally is the coolest store in the mall. I heard last week it totally kicked Pac Sun's ass.

Here Are My Top 10 Reasons I Love Abercrombie and Fitch...

1.) I love going to clubs but I hate their lack of cargo shorts.
2.) I can't get enough techno
3.) Salespeople who DON'T want to help you.
4.) They save energy by using the least amount of light possible.
5.) Great place to meet pedophiles.
6.) I need everyone to know exactly where I got my T-Shirt (A& F Lacrosse Rules!)
7.) No uglies!
8.) Did I mention the Cargo Shorts?
9.) Best place to buy clothes before a Date Rape
10.) Comfortable Leather Chairs which are great for reading the Classics.

Look at Those Great Sleeveless Polos

By the way....

Michael Showalter Calls The Human Giant To Task When We Talk about our Comedic Influences. Read the very Funny Radar Article

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Thursday, April 19

In Case You Missed Late Night....

In Case You Missed The Big Show The Other Night, Someone was Nice Enough to Load it Up to You Tube. Listen to Dave and I talk about Human Giant, Gorilla Costumes, Ping Pong Balls and Theo From the Cosby Show.

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Get Some Fresh Air And some Suicide....

The Human Giant Press Tour Keeps Rolling Along.

Today we are doing something much classier than normal. We are on Fresh Air with Terry Gross


Also a really fun interview I did with Suicide Girls is up, read it then casually look at all the hot, goth girls as an after thought. I wish they printed my sexy pictures...My Taint tattoo is the bomb!

* Fun Fact about Letterman: Paul Schaeffer Nixed My Original Tie and Ultimately Picked out the one I wore on the Show. Thanks Paul!

Wednesday, April 18

Set Your Tivos I'm on Late Night with David Letterman

Holy Crap, I'm going to be David Letterman Tonight with Edie Falco and Sun Volt!

Hopefully tonight will be the night where Edie Falco and I stop our bitter feud. Damnit Edie Falco I won't have you embarass me again!

Monday, April 16

My Obsession with "Firehouse Dog" does not go unnoticed

Before He Loses His Toupee

Over the last few weeks you have read about my obsession with the Major Motion Picture "Firehouse Dog", well through the power of the internet, I have come one step closer to meeting above mentioned dog. The Co-Writer and Producer of the film Mike Werb (Writer of Face-Off and The Mask) left a comment on my blogs and has proved to be a really cool guy with a great sense of humor and I wanted to share it with you. But 1st, promise me that you'll make the "Firehouse Dog" Your Myspace Friend right now.

NOTE: After looking at his page, I think Firehous Dog (AKA Rexxx) might be a Anti-Humanite because only dogs are in his Top 15...Don't pull an Imus on us Firehouse Dog let Humans into your top friends.

Here's the post....

mike werb has left a new comment on your post "Doug Benson and I Talk about Movies":

paul: you appear to be the only reviewer to not mention the dump in joe's stew. a stunt many critics took a big dump on us for. it was in character. at this point rexxx has patrician tastes. He hasn't suffered such indignities since his circus days.

hmmm. why did i sound off about that? read the orlando sentinel.

anyway, i particularly enjoyed your rant about the dog's toupee and that the dog just wasn't cuddly. what did you think of Lola's hairpiece?

btw, at one point i proposed calling the film "one strange dog" but that went nowhere. as is our box office, apparently.

anyway, i totally enjoyed the podcast and will forward it to todd holland, bruce greenwood, michael colleary and claire-dee lim.

thanks for being one of rexxx's
"friends." he's glad to have you!

mike werb

producer, co-writer firehouse dog

-FYI: If Bruce Greenwood actually listens to the Podcast, That would be hilarious, and secondly, I apologize for calling you Bruce Davidson. You are better than him and Aidan Quinn.

Long Live Fire House Dog!

Saturday, April 14

Robert Rodriguez Please Make "MACHETE" into a Movie

I just saw Grindhouse it was Awesome! The Movies and The Trailers were Perfect. But I really Hope Robert Rodriguez makes this Trailer for "Machete" into a Real Movie. Because it is Amazing!

5 Good Reasons to See Grindhouse
1.) Syndey Poitier
2.) The Trampoline Scene in the "Thanksgiving" Trailer
3.) You'll Learn Proper Gun Safety with Children
4.) Sayid from "Lost" Ball Cutting Knife
5.) Kurt Russell Eating Nachos with Reckless Abandon

Friday, April 13

Doug Benson and I Talk about Movies

If you are having Best Week Ever withdrawal this week, have no fear because TV's Doug Benson has an awesome weekly podcast, that you must subscribe too called, "I Love Movies" he was nice enough to invite me on as a guest this week and it was great. We Talk About The Hoax, Pathfinder, the classic vomit scene from Falling Down and of course my Obsession with Firehouse Dog...Download it now.

The I Love Movies Podcast Home Page
(or just log into iTunes and Search "I Love Movies")

Last Night's Episode of Human Giant was one of my favorite episodes, it has special appearances by Patton Oswalt(Comedians of Comedy, King of Queens), Brian Posehn (Sarah Silverman Program), Jay Johnston (Mr. Shhow) and Jon Benjamin (Dr. Katz)
If you missed it and you are a raving insonmiac you can catch us again on MTV
Sun. Apr. 15 3:00 AM
Sun. Apr. 15 10:30 PM
Tue. Apr. 17 3:00 AM
Thur. Apr. 19 12:00 AM

Hilarious Adam Mckay/Will Ferrell Short: The Landlord

Thursday, April 12

Some Things I've Learned From Playing Guitar Hero 2

First of all, if you don't have Guitar Hero 2 For the Xbox or Playstation, You are a jerk! But you can change that, all you have to do is stop whatever you are doing right now, run out to the street, mug an old lady, go to your local Electronics Boutique and buy one.

I guarantee you it will change your life!

Case in Point: This Dude's Mind is Blown

I'll admit for awhile I was that dude who mocked the guys/girls who sat in the video game demo area at Best Buy for hours on end playing Guitar Hero. In my mind it was as ridiculous as that Donkey Kong game where you beat drums to make him run around. But then I picked up my plastic ax and now I am hooked!

However, there are a few things you need to know, that the instruction book won't tell you

1.) No matter how cool you think you look while playing . You Definitely Don't Look Cool.

2.) "Heart Shaped Box" is deceptively hard to play...No wonder why Kurt Cobain Killed Himself (..Too Soon?)

3.) It's hard to impress house guests when you have a self decorated plastic children's toy lying on your couch...and you don't have kids.

3.2) While we are on the topic of decorating the guitar, if you are over 25...Don't.

4.) No matter what you do don't call it a "Guitar Version of SIMON"...It's Very Different and cooler.

5.) Don't exccessively celebrate or bow at the end of the song, even if you get 100% accuracy. I know you are happy but I guarantee you, that will be the precise moment your hot next store neighbor looks across the way at you and sees you standing in your PJ's, playing with a children's toy, and blowing kisses to your TV. Awkward.

Besides those rules have fun being a pretend rockstar and remember if you practice hard enough, you still won't have any idea how to play a real guitar and I'm fine with that.

Wednesday, April 11

Lil' 9-11 The Worst Movie Ever Made...Probably

You've seen the other films now see it from a whole new perspective.
(Note: If the title Lil' 9-11 offends you you might not want to watch the following Video.)

A Shutterbugs Production...

For the conclusion tune into Human Giant Next Week.

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Tuesday, April 10

Is it Just Me or Does this look like a Penis?

I was logging into MySpace today and the banner ad is for Columbia House. The ad is is making a boxing metaphor but the style and shape of the gloves look like 2 dangling penises..
Am I crazy or Am I Right?

My Dad is Not Dead

I've been getting a few very nice emails from people sending me their condolences about my deceased father, well I'm happy to report he is absolutely fine, and his death was just a joke. However the incident with the Time Machine and the Crystal Pepsi, Totally True! Weird.

Not Deceased

(FYI: The MTV Audience has responed so well to my Dad, that they have Given him him a new reality/stunt/prank show with Steve-O called MILFZ. Way to Go Pops! I'm proud of you)

Catching up....
The Human Giant made an Appearance on our Favorite Radio Show,
The Sound of Young America.
Take a Listen...
Human Giant on Sound of Young America
( iTunes Link)

We Also Sat Down with Gothamist for a Few Questions
HG with the Gothamist

And finally my Myspace friend Vin Forte did a Q& A with Rob, Aziz and I.
He threatened to hurt me if I didn't link to it, So here you go and by the way...
Don't read this alone, it's a Q&A so grab a friend and act it out
Human Giant Q&A

Friday, April 6

My 1st Real Fan Letter

One of the best parts of doing all this comedy/acting stuff is the connection you can make with people without ever meeting them. I always love to know that I have made a solid connection and that someone out there really respects my work. Like this guy....

Wow! This guy really gets me. He knows that not only am I am a "great actor" but I also have "exceptional communication skills." I applaud him for his kind words and his ability to remain familiar yet vague at all times. Case in point... "you play a variety of parts and have the ability to capture the audience with your adaption of each character" YES! I do. Finally this guy gets me.

It feels so good to know that he thought my performance of "Grim Reaper" was terrific. Most people (including my mom) couldn't even recognize me in that scene, considering the fact I was wearing a mask and I had no lines and I was standing in a sea of similiarly dressed people, but this guy really got it and really enjoyed it.

I was also impressed by his ability to Time Travel and start watching the Human Giant weeks before it aired. My role of "Paul" is amazing (if i can say so myself) and I'm glad someone finally recognized the fact that through it all, I have done it all with "style, diginity, and ability"

Yes this is a TRUE FAN.

Thursday, April 5

Anyone Know a Neilsen Family?

So this is it. After months of Blog Posts, Video Leaks, and Random Pictures from the Set Human Giant Premieres Tonight on MTV at 10:30PM.
We are Excited.

See More
If You Liked the 1st Episode Here's a Trailer for Season One....

The Reviews are In
I want share with you some of my favorite reviews of the show (so far)

My Favorite Review That Uses Nonsense Words
"Human Giant" (10:30 p.m., MTV). Series premiere. Welcome to the Short Attention Span Funhouse. Daffy dementia reigns in funny, quick-hit bits as the four-member Human Giant comedy troupe -- Aziz Ansari, Rob Huebel, Paul Scheer and Jason Wolmer -- bring their brand of bonkers, short-film lunacy to cable. It's all soaked in the rock 'n' roll attitude of alternative chucklehead wit, mixed with You Tube Nation viral vidiocy. Let's get mirthfully twisted.

My Favorite Confused Review
"My biggest complaint of them all, however, is why call the show Human Giant? The whole time I was watching the show, I kept asking myself, "What does this have to do with a human giant?" It boggled my mind and still to this moment and I am confused. Any ideas?" (If you do have an answer email Marla Horenbein TV Crtice for the Good 5 Cent Cigar Univ of Rhode Island's Student Paper)

Behind the Scenes
Finally if you have seen Episode 1 Get a Look Behind the Scenes of the Ghostface Short via Camera Phone Papparazi, from someone who lived in an apartment above the street we were shooting on.

Tuesday, April 3

Human Giant (Episode 1) For Free on iTunes


The 1st Episode of Human Giant is available on iTunes Today for Free

Episode 1: Mind Explosion
Child talent agents the Shutterbugs fire a little girl, Aziz, Rob and Paul sic attack dogs on themselves, the Illusionators cause mind explosions at a funeral, and guest star Ghostface Killah teaches Aziz a lesson with a baseball bat. (Also Special Appearance by Linda Cardellini)

(NOTE: This iTunes Episode isn't the same one that will air on MTV on Thursday Night, we didn't get the episode finished in time for our iTunes deadline so we had to hand in what we had, so you'll get some more Human Giant Goodness if you tune in on Thursday too)

The People at Gothamist are Nice
Article in Gothamist

Come See Human Giant Live Tonight at UCB Theater in LA
Comedy Death Ray; hosted By Human Giant
Patton Oswalt
Brian Posehn
Matt Walsh
Andy Blitz
Jonah Ray
And LA Premiere of the Newest Shutterbugs!

Make Reservations Here

(NOTE: If the show sells out, show up night of the show and you should get in no problem, they usually manage to squeeze in everyone who shows up)

Monday, April 2

Could This Be the Most Insane Movie Ever?

(Taken from an Actual Recording)

Pitch Guy: The movie is called Firehouse Dog

Studio Guy: I Love it. Is it about a dog who lives in a Firehouse?

PG: No. It's about a celebrity dog, who is a super famous actor.

SG: How Famous?

PG: He has a red carpet leading to his trailer.

SG: Interesting and believable. Continue..

PG: Okay, so while shooting his latest film "Terrier at 20,000 Feet"

SG: What's it about?

PG: Honestly it's a rip off of Air Force One, anyway his parachute doesn't open and he lands in a truck of tomatoes and he is left to fend for himself on the streets because no one recognizes him.

SG: Why?

PG: Because his toupee has been ripped off in the crash landing.

SG: Now it makes sense, Dog look so different without their toupees, I love it.

PG: So the dog is lost on the streets, the pound tries to capture him, but he's so good at stunts he alludes them by doing elaborate and some might say unneccesary flips.

SG: You can't have enough unneccessary flips.

PG: Thank God you said that.

SG: Tell me what about this firehouse?

PG: Glad you asked..There is this Dad, someone like Aidan Quinn but not as famous. His wife is dead and he has a son....And he's a fireman!

SG: Wait, is this the same movie?

PG: Yup.

SG: Great.

PG: And by the way, get this, the fireman, doesn't know how to use a firepole.

SG: HAHA...What about the dog?

PG: Right. Good point. The son is lonely and one day is attacked by the stunt dog. The dog burps in the lonely kid's face and they become friends. So he takes the dog home.

SG: Ah, to the firehouse.

PG: No. He takes him home to a normal house.

SG: But..the title.

PG: Wait for it. Anyway the dog loves beef jerky but the Dad has control issues and wants the dog out of his house ASAP.

SG: Touching.

PG: I know. So while putting up flyers for a FOUND dog, the dog does some crazy stunts on a skateboard in a school parking lot. Which involves some more unneccesary flips. The kid says, "What else you got?" and him and the dog skateboard to a Marroon 5 song.

SG: PERFECT. Maybe Marroon 5 is too hip though we need something less recognizable.

PG: I'm on it. Anyway the Dad caves in and lets his son keep the dog and then the dog visits the Dad at firehouse and uses the firepole

SG: Is that possible?

PG: I don't know. Anyway the dog starts fighting fires and with no training whatsoever the dog saves the day the 1st time he goes to a fire. The dad loves the dog and steals him from his son. The Mayor gives the dog the key to the city

SG: What about the boy?

PG: Uh...Right..He falls in love. With some girl that we establish late in the 3rd act.

SG: Then what happens?

PG: I don't know. The dog goes back to Hollywood makes a movie about his adventures and calls it..... "Firehouse Dog".

SG: Perfection.

PG: So how much of this crack do you want?

SG: How about a kilo.

PG: Great. Here's the Crack and here's my Script.