Wednesday, April 25

3 New & Exclusive Human Giant Videos and Other Stuff

We just leaked 3 Brand New Shorts that Have Never Been Seen on Funny or Die
The Embeddable Player is Acting Funky So Follow These Links

Do You like The Satellite Radio well Human Giant is going to be on Playboy Radio on Sirius This Thursday Morning (4/26). We 'd love it if you'd call in to the show 1(877) 205.9796. The show can be heard by SIRIUS radio owners subscribing to Playboy Radio – Channel 198. Between the hours of 7am and 10am PST and 10am – 1pm EST. Visit for more information.

Stay up Late or Set Your Tivos for Last Call with Carson Daly on Thursday Night (or should I say Friday Morning). When Rob Paul and Aziz will be guests on the show and yes, their will be a musical performance by us!

Finally I've been getting a lot of letters from people who notice that the Human Giant Shows that air on Thursday Night at 10:30PM are different than the ones that air in the reruns and they are right. We add a brand new sketch in our can find all those sketches you might of missed at in the Videos Section. (By the way, please don't stop watching the show the night it airs, because that would really screw up those people who make decisions on things like a 2nd season based on stuff like Ratings!)


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