Thursday, April 5

Anyone Know a Neilsen Family?

So this is it. After months of Blog Posts, Video Leaks, and Random Pictures from the Set Human Giant Premieres Tonight on MTV at 10:30PM.
We are Excited.

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If You Liked the 1st Episode Here's a Trailer for Season One....

The Reviews are In
I want share with you some of my favorite reviews of the show (so far)

My Favorite Review That Uses Nonsense Words
"Human Giant" (10:30 p.m., MTV). Series premiere. Welcome to the Short Attention Span Funhouse. Daffy dementia reigns in funny, quick-hit bits as the four-member Human Giant comedy troupe -- Aziz Ansari, Rob Huebel, Paul Scheer and Jason Wolmer -- bring their brand of bonkers, short-film lunacy to cable. It's all soaked in the rock 'n' roll attitude of alternative chucklehead wit, mixed with You Tube Nation viral vidiocy. Let's get mirthfully twisted.

My Favorite Confused Review
"My biggest complaint of them all, however, is why call the show Human Giant? The whole time I was watching the show, I kept asking myself, "What does this have to do with a human giant?" It boggled my mind and still to this moment and I am confused. Any ideas?" (If you do have an answer email Marla Horenbein TV Crtice for the Good 5 Cent Cigar Univ of Rhode Island's Student Paper)

Behind the Scenes
Finally if you have seen Episode 1 Get a Look Behind the Scenes of the Ghostface Short via Camera Phone Papparazi, from someone who lived in an apartment above the street we were shooting on.


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