Friday, April 13

Doug Benson and I Talk about Movies

If you are having Best Week Ever withdrawal this week, have no fear because TV's Doug Benson has an awesome weekly podcast, that you must subscribe too called, "I Love Movies" he was nice enough to invite me on as a guest this week and it was great. We Talk About The Hoax, Pathfinder, the classic vomit scene from Falling Down and of course my Obsession with Firehouse Dog...Download it now.

The I Love Movies Podcast Home Page
(or just log into iTunes and Search "I Love Movies")

Last Night's Episode of Human Giant was one of my favorite episodes, it has special appearances by Patton Oswalt(Comedians of Comedy, King of Queens), Brian Posehn (Sarah Silverman Program), Jay Johnston (Mr. Shhow) and Jon Benjamin (Dr. Katz)
If you missed it and you are a raving insonmiac you can catch us again on MTV
Sun. Apr. 15 3:00 AM
Sun. Apr. 15 10:30 PM
Tue. Apr. 17 3:00 AM
Thur. Apr. 19 12:00 AM


At 4:22 AM, Anonymous mike werb said...

paul: you appear to be the only reviewer to not mention the dump in joe's stew. a stunt many critics took a big dump on us for. it was in character. at this point rexxx has patrician tastes. He hasn't suffered such indignities since his circus days.

hmmm. why did i sound off about that? read the orlando sentinel.

anyway, i particularly enjoyed your rant about the dog's toupee and that the dog just wasn't cuddly. what did you think of Lola's hairpiece?

btw, at one point i proposed calling the film "one strange dog" but that went nowhere. as is our box office, apparently.

anyway, i totally enjoyed the podcast and will forward it to todd holland, bruce greenwood, michael colleary and claire-dee lim.

thanks for being one of rexxx's
"friends." he's glad to have you!

mike werb

producer, co-writer firehouse dog


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