Friday, April 6

My 1st Real Fan Letter

One of the best parts of doing all this comedy/acting stuff is the connection you can make with people without ever meeting them. I always love to know that I have made a solid connection and that someone out there really respects my work. Like this guy....

Wow! This guy really gets me. He knows that not only am I am a "great actor" but I also have "exceptional communication skills." I applaud him for his kind words and his ability to remain familiar yet vague at all times. Case in point... "you play a variety of parts and have the ability to capture the audience with your adaption of each character" YES! I do. Finally this guy gets me.

It feels so good to know that he thought my performance of "Grim Reaper" was terrific. Most people (including my mom) couldn't even recognize me in that scene, considering the fact I was wearing a mask and I had no lines and I was standing in a sea of similiarly dressed people, but this guy really got it and really enjoyed it.

I was also impressed by his ability to Time Travel and start watching the Human Giant weeks before it aired. My role of "Paul" is amazing (if i can say so myself) and I'm glad someone finally recognized the fact that through it all, I have done it all with "style, diginity, and ability"

Yes this is a TRUE FAN.


At 6:21 PM, Anonymous The Brewer Patriot said...

I too enjoyed your role on the "Uptight" Citizens Brigade.


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