Tuesday, April 10

My Dad is Not Dead

I've been getting a few very nice emails from people sending me their condolences about my deceased father, well I'm happy to report he is absolutely fine, and his death was just a joke. However the incident with the Time Machine and the Crystal Pepsi, Totally True! Weird.

Not Deceased

(FYI: The MTV Audience has responed so well to my Dad, that they have Given him him a new reality/stunt/prank show with Steve-O called MILFZ. Way to Go Pops! I'm proud of you)

Catching up....
The Human Giant made an Appearance on our Favorite Radio Show,
The Sound of Young America.
Take a Listen...
Human Giant on Sound of Young America
( iTunes Link)

We Also Sat Down with Gothamist for a Few Questions
HG with the Gothamist

And finally my Myspace friend Vin Forte did a Q& A with Rob, Aziz and I.
He threatened to hurt me if I didn't link to it, So here you go and by the way...
Don't read this alone, it's a Q&A so grab a friend and act it out
Human Giant Q&A


At 2:37 PM, Blogger somethingfresh said...

thank god your dad isn't dead. a looker like that would be a waste in hell.

At 9:51 PM, Anonymous Carlina said...

Oh Mr.Scheer, I am simply your biggest fan. I kinda figured that your father wasn't dead, being it HIGHLY inappropriate for Human Giant (which coincidently has my three favorite comedians in it). He sure is a handsome man. Now I know where you get it from! :)

Hope to hear from you soon!


PS: z0m9, I'm gonna add j00 2 mah ~*myspace*~!!!!one!!11


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