Monday, April 16

My Obsession with "Firehouse Dog" does not go unnoticed

Before He Loses His Toupee

Over the last few weeks you have read about my obsession with the Major Motion Picture "Firehouse Dog", well through the power of the internet, I have come one step closer to meeting above mentioned dog. The Co-Writer and Producer of the film Mike Werb (Writer of Face-Off and The Mask) left a comment on my blogs and has proved to be a really cool guy with a great sense of humor and I wanted to share it with you. But 1st, promise me that you'll make the "Firehouse Dog" Your Myspace Friend right now.

NOTE: After looking at his page, I think Firehous Dog (AKA Rexxx) might be a Anti-Humanite because only dogs are in his Top 15...Don't pull an Imus on us Firehouse Dog let Humans into your top friends.

Here's the post....

mike werb has left a new comment on your post "Doug Benson and I Talk about Movies":

paul: you appear to be the only reviewer to not mention the dump in joe's stew. a stunt many critics took a big dump on us for. it was in character. at this point rexxx has patrician tastes. He hasn't suffered such indignities since his circus days.

hmmm. why did i sound off about that? read the orlando sentinel.

anyway, i particularly enjoyed your rant about the dog's toupee and that the dog just wasn't cuddly. what did you think of Lola's hairpiece?

btw, at one point i proposed calling the film "one strange dog" but that went nowhere. as is our box office, apparently.

anyway, i totally enjoyed the podcast and will forward it to todd holland, bruce greenwood, michael colleary and claire-dee lim.

thanks for being one of rexxx's
"friends." he's glad to have you!

mike werb

producer, co-writer firehouse dog

-FYI: If Bruce Greenwood actually listens to the Podcast, That would be hilarious, and secondly, I apologize for calling you Bruce Davidson. You are better than him and Aidan Quinn.

Long Live Fire House Dog!


At 3:01 AM, Anonymous Mike Werb said...

paul: okay, so maybe you didn't mention the dog on letterman -- but YOU were actually a hit. really funny and remarkably at ease. congratulations. i'm going to season-ass your show.

i think your mother's cocaine-as-a-diet plan is solid. how else did the incans keep so trim? if you haven't tried "Inca Kola" -- do. from peru. hyper-sweet. best of all, its color is a cheery first-piss-after-morning-vitamins yellow. take that, sunny dee-lite.

back to firehouse dog. the four irish terriers' post-production lives mirrored that of rexxx in the film. they stopped being actors and retired to regular lives in regular homes.

so arranging a meeting isn't likely ...

However, i do know where the true object of your obession is: Yes, the location of those haughty WIGS. if approached properly, they might consider an audience ...


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