Monday, May 28

Human Giant Wraps Season One But Before We Go...

The 1st Season of Human Giant is now officially over. Boo! We just wanted to say, "Thanks so much for all your support and for watching us these past 8 weeks." Without you we'd have the same amount of viewers as Maury Povich's Dance Party USA and that's not good. You have been so supportive and we love it.We really appreciate all your emails, comments,downloads, etc.. We've been working on this show since late August 2006 and it's been so much fun to finally let people see it. We even have a whole bunch more stuff that we couldn't fit into Season 1, which means you'll have to wait till Season 2 but it will be worth it.

However, before you go, here's some extra stuff you might like...

Over the past few weeks I've gotten a ton of email about releasing Mp3's of some of the original songs from the show. I finally rounded them all up. Download and Enjoy!

Old Fashion Fun
performed by Chris Anderson
Illusionators Theme "Majyck"
performed by The Kane Brothers
The Opening Theme to Spacelords
performed by The Kane Brothers

Every sketch From Season 1 (Plus Highlights from the Marathon) can be found

Down with Selleck
The Anti-Tom Selleck photoshopping has been going so well that I have made a special album on My Myspace Page and the Human Giant's Myspace Page celebrating my favorite entries so far...So keep submitting, they are hilarious!

Fan Art and Videos
I also made a fan art section on the Myspace Human Giant Page. Everytime we get a new piece of fan art, I'll post it. So far the stuff we have gotten is pretty awesome. Thanks for making it.

Speaking of which here's my new favorite Human Giant Doritos Tribute Video

College Humor Prank
Rob and I helped out friend Streeter pull off a Prank in his Prank War.

If you think we were cruel, just watch the one they did before it HERE.

Season 2
Season 2 goes into production in the next few months and I'm guessing that will mean that it will hit MTV in early 2008. That's not official but that's my best guess, right now. I'll keep you updated.

Season 1 DVD Box Set
The 1st Season DVD has no official release date. However it's pretty safe to assume it will come out a few weeks before Season 2. So I'm guessing around Christmas. We are trying really hard to make it great with a lot of extras and commentary. We are also trying to figure out how to include the best moments from the 24 Hour marathon on the DVD too. Again as soon as I know, I'll let you know.

MTV Movie Awards
Human Giant also just shot a special MTV Promotional Campaign that will be airing only once during the MTV Movie Awards this Sunday (June 3rd, 2007 @ 8PM). We Shot about 12 commercials. We didn't write the spots and Jason didn't direct them, but the promo people at MTV did an awesome job with it. So hopefully they'll turn out to be funny.

That's all for now...More Stuff Soon.

Thursday, May 24


HOLY SHIT! That was awesome. The Lost Finale managed to be very fulling and ultimately gave little to no answers at the same time. How do they do that?

I apologize for my lack of LOST posts but frankly the show has been incredibly revealing and their haven't been too many secret things, besides this.. Everyone has seen this freez frame /screen cap of Jacob from a few weeks back, right?

I have no real info about Jacob, but it's pretty cool...

First let me admit the nerdiest thing ever. I actually figured out that Jack's flashback was actually a future forward when I saw the type of phone he was using. I was like, "C'mon prop department, that phone wasn't avail before the crash..wait a second...Holy Shit, he's off the island!" Then I sat upright on my couch for the rest of the 2 hours, trying to figure out what the hell is going on.

Here's what I do know, in the future, Jack looks like Fidel Castro and Walt has aged 20 years in two seasons.

The Obituary: Who Died?

  • The first sentence of the article Jack carries around in the flash-forward seems to read, "Los Angeles, Man found dead in downtown loft [unreadable], The body of Jo.. [unreadable] ..Manhatten Rd, New York was discovered shortly after 4 a.m. in the.. [unreadable] of Grand Avenue. Ted.. [unreadable] at The Tower.. [unreadable] .. heard loud noises.. [unreadable]..m's loft. Co.. [unreadable] ..entered the.. [unreadable] ..a beam in the.. [unreadable] ..[ac]cordin[g].. [unreadable].."
  • With some extrapolation, the second paragraph of the article can be read as describing a suicide: "Ted somebody, a watchman at The Tower, claims that he heard loud noises coming from the victim's loft. Concerned for the (resident's) safety, he entered the loft and discovered the body hanging from a beam in the ???room." The "loud noises" hint that it may not have been an actual suicide, but rather a murder staged to look like a suicide.
  • Possible reference to the just-announced Grand Avenue Project which would place the flash-forwards several years from now, possibly past the 2010 end-date of the show. (which would maybe explain Walt's aging, does time pass quicker off the island then on it? and if sop can Walt travel through time and space to deliver messages)
  • Some speculate the name on the obit is Jeremy Bentham. who's that? Apparently he invented the Panopticon. The Panopticon is a type of prison building designed by English philosopher Jeremy Bentham in the late eighteenth century. The concept of the design is to allow an observer to observe all prisoners without the prisoners being able to tell if they are being observed or not, thus conveying a "sentiment of an invisible omniscience." In his own words, Bentham described the Panopticon as "a new mode of obtaining power of mind over mind, in a quantity hitherto without example."
The Funeral Home

IThe a anagram for Flash Forward..

Unanswered Questions
Here are a bunch of questions that don't have answere but are really good to think about. It hurts my head.


  • Is Christian Shephard alive, or does Jack, in his unstable condition, believe that he is?
  • Why is Jack so set on returning to the island?
  • How did Jack and Kate get off the island?
  • Who is the "he" Kate mentions to Jack at the airport?
  • Why has Kate insisted that Jack not contact her?
  • During what time period did the flash forward occur?
  • Who was the woman Jack saved from the burning car?
  • Who was the funeral for, and why, after the news of their death, does Jack attempt suicide?
  • Who, if any, of the other Losties were able to get off the island?
  • Now rescued, has Jack begun to "believe" in the mysterious "powers" of the island?
  • If Naomi was telling the truth, and the outside world believed they had found Flight 815 and its cargo of corpses, how is their apparent return from the dead explained to the world?
  • How has Kate received immunity from prosecution upon returning to the "real" world?
  • With the season ending at the end of the "Flash-Forward" does this mean the series will continue in this "Flash-Forward" as main timeline?
    • Will any further island events be flash-backs from the main timeline?

On the Island

  • Who was Naomi working for?
  • Why or how was the Looking Glass transmitting directly to Penny (or reverse) immediately after the jamming switch was deactivated.
  • If Penny didn't send the boat, why was she calling the island when Charlie deactivated the jamming device?
  • Even though Penny has been looking for Desmond (and perhaps the island), does she even know about the Dharma Initiative? How much?
  • Was Mikhail wounded or killed by the grenade detonation?
  • Where did Locke go after he left the main group of Losties at the end of the episode?
  • How or why did Juliet know about the signal jamming but not Mikail?
  • What is the Temple and why are The Others going there?
  • Who was the musician who programmed the key pad in the Looking Glass station?
  • Is "the musician" who programmed the key pad still on the island?
  • What assignment in Canada were Bonnie and Greta supposed to be on?
  • Why would The Others have any business in Canada?
  • What are the "forces stronger than anything it the Island has faced in many, many years" that Ben was warning Alex about?
  • Why does Tom disobey Ben?
  • How does Mikhail survive the harpoon? Is it related to the Island's supposed healing properties?
  • Could Charlie have sealed the radio room from the main room?
  • What happened between the time Danielle taped the recording and her giving birth?
  • Why did Danielle tell people the Others controlled the radio tower when it is, in fact, abandoned?
  • How did Locke know where the Losties would be and how to get there?
  • Why would Locke kill Naomi, but not Jack, or Cooper?
What Next?
Apparently the producers and writers are going into "Radio Silence" until Season 4 in Feb. 2008.. So all these questions, will be slowly eating away at us for the next 9 months...DAMN YOU CARLTON CUSE and DAMON LINDELOF! DAMN YOU TO HELL!

Tuesday, May 22

Human Giant 24 FAQ (Updated 5/24/07)

I’ve been getting a lot of emails over the past few days with tons of very specific questions about the 24 Hour Human Giant Marathon. I decided to compile all of the questions together; hopefully these responses will give you all the information you need.

Q: When did you really find out about the marathon?
A: We first heard the marathon idea on May 3rd and our 1st day of work on the event was May 10th, leaving us with less than 8 days to conceive and write the entire show.

Q: Who wrote the show with you?
A: The official writing team behind the marathon was a dream team of the funniest people we could work with and it included Slovin & Allen, Andy Blitz, Jon Glaser. Unfortunately Jason Woliner and Tom Gianas were too busy editing the final episodes of the series and couldn’t work with us as closely as they would have wanted to, we were bummed.
* However, it’s VERY important to note that all the character pieces were written by the actors that performed them.

Q: The Million Hits was Total Bullshit. You padded your Stats.
A: Nope. We didn’t I swear. The million hits were totally real. I’ll be honest and tell you that before the marathon there was a thought that we might have to pad the numbers, so we built in bonus hits for certain challenges, but when the hit total kept building steadily throughout the 1st several hours, MTV pulled away all the bonus points for a more realistic score. The number we were left with, 1.2 million hits, is 100% real.

Q: Who Played….

Aziz’s Dad – Eric Slovin
Web Cam Girl – Megan Neuringer
Alan Harkett – Hip Hop Clothing Designer (Phone Call) – Adam Mckay
The Security Guard – Rob Riggle
The Lost/Wire Fan – Patton Oswalt
The Disgruntled Baba-Booie Caller –Jake Fogelnest
MySpace Tom – Matt Besser (via actual webcam)
College Web Cam Guy – Donald Glover
Osama Bin Diesel – Andy Blitz
Drunken British Pinetree – Jon Daly
Standards Lady – Jackie Clarke
Beard of Bees Comic – Leo Allen
Leprechaun – Eric Slovin
Speed Eater – Rob Latham
MTV Exec – Matt Higgins
The World's Biggest Baby - John Gemberling
The World's Biggest Baby Daddy - Curtis Gwinn
Gil Faison/Fabrice Fabrice/Gil Polar - Nick Kroll
Creepy Craigslist Dude/Bi Polar/ George St. Geegland - John Mullaney

Q: Where Can I Hear More….

Cracked Out (John Daly/Brett Gelman)-- Myspace --- Music Video
Kane Brothers (Brendan Burke/Jeff Morris) -- Myspace -- Music Video
Corn Mo -- Website -- Myspace

Q: Who Showed Up/Performed/Called In?
A: Will Arnett, Gbenga Akinnagbe, Fred Armisen, Todd Barry, Bill Burr, Matt Besser, Andy Blitz, Jackie Clarke, Michael Cera, Cracked Out, Cowboy and John, Jon Daly, Jake Fogelnest, Zach Galifianakis, Brett Gelman, Jon Glaser, Donald Glover, Bill Hader, Albert Hammond Jr., Ed Helms, Matt Higgins, Jonah Hill, Kane Brothers, John Krasinky, Nick Kroll, Rob Latham, Mastodon, Adam McKay, Eugene Mirman, Morningwood, Jeff Morris, John Mullaney, The National, Megan Neuringer, Bob Odenkirk, Patton Oswalt, Jonah Ray, Rob Riggle, Andy Samdberg, Kristin Schaal, Slovin and Allen, Michael Showalter, Jorma Taccone, Tapes ‘n Tapes, Tim and Eric, Ted Leo, Tegan and Sara, The Walkmen, Andrew WK and the NYU Debate Team….Plus special appearances by My Mom and Dad and Aziz’s Brother.

Q: Who Bailed?
A: Rakim and Kid Capri. Who does he think he is? Tom Selleck?

Q: What Was The Most Insane Moment
A: 4 Way Tie: The Borat Army, Tough Guy Movers, Zach G’s “Kill More Girls” Chant, and the World’s Biggest Baby.

Q: What Happened With Ed Helms?
A: Apparently Ed Helms was almost in a bicycle accident right as we went live on air and like a true pro he tried to continue the interview without letting on that he was in mortal danger. Ed is uninjured.

Q: Where can I find Ed Helm’s Zombie American Short

Q: Why Does Showalter Hate You?
A: He Doesn’t. It’s Just a bit.

Q: Why didn’t you play more (State, Music Videos, Old MTV Shows, Cartoons, etc…)
A:Unfortunately at the last minute MTV Legal put a ka-bosh on playing old shows and videos, apparently most videos and TV shows have a limited talent contract, which means that if we wanted to replay ANY old shows like Remote Control we'd have to pay Ken Ober, Kari Wuhr, and Colin Quinn and MTV wasn't into that. Same thing went for Videos (We only had about 10 we could play). But still anyone who saw Aphex Twin on the Jumbotron knows that it was worth it. We also couldn't play more of The State, for similiar reasons.

However we did get to show Marilyn Manson (before he was Marilyn Manson on some show with John Norris) where Marilyn revealed he had a friend who worked at a copy shop. Also we got to see Guns and Roses destroy the Headbangers Ball set and we watched a 7 minute episode of Singled Out. So we didn't leave totally empty handed.

Q: Was the Racist Poem Guy a Character?
A: Nope. That dude was real and is apparently upset that we cut him off. He posted the full poem on You Tube…HERE.

Q: What went on outside?
A: We got egged, mooned, a guy showed us his penis, and there were loads of insane homemade signs (including one which read I want to curl up in Paul’s gap) and I got a portrait made at 5AM.

Q: I looked like a lot of the time you were just writing bits in the commercial breaks and performing them minutes later.
A: Yep. Actually many of the bits we pre-planned were thrown out at the last minute to do something we just thought of in the moment. It was one of the best experiences ever.

Q: Can I pour acid on you?
A: No

Q: What’s Up with the Moustache Guy?
A: I don’t know. He was very nice and he likes “The Wire”, so he’s okay in my book. Plus he stayed for 24 hours.

Q: Did you Nap?
A: Nope. We all stayed awake the entire time.

Q: Learn Anything?
A: Yes, Breaking a Table with a Baseball bat is slightly painful and incredibly fun.

Q: I missed it.
A: Watch some pieces of it online at and Youtube (Keyword: “Human Giant”). Also give it some time before it’s loaded up to bit torrent sites.

Q: When does Season 2 Start? How Many Episodes?
A: We probably won't go into production for a few weeks and season 2 will most likely be 6-8 episodes.

I’ll keep adding to this FAQ as questions come in.

Sunday, May 20

Quick Post about the Human Giant 24 MTV Takeover

Holy Crap! I just Slept for 16 Hours, Straight. I didn't even know that was possible.

I just wanted to give everyone a quick update...We did it...We got over a million hits on our website all because of You! So Thank You So Much.

Your Texts, Emails, Phone Calls, and Picture Submissions were amazing. Also a big shout of to all of you who gently spammed by telling all your friends to check out our site, we really appreciated it. Plus a big thanks to all the people who stayed up with us, at home, on webcam and especially at MTV (They get an especially because they had limited use of the bathroom and very little food).

So it's official Human Giant will get another season on MTV and we are really excited about that. Hosting MTV for 24 Hours was so much fun and again we couldn't have done it for 24 hours straight with out the amazing guests, musical performances, and all the people who dropped by. Even the people that egged the TRL Studios at 5 AM, that was awesome, I hope you didn't get arrested.

If you missed any of the 24 hours Subtearean Blog did an Amazing job of Live Blogging. Check that out here

Also the Human Giant MTV Site has tons of videos from the night. You have to check that out. I don't think anyone else has put up as many videos as they have.

In case you were wondering...Unfortunately at the last minute MTV Legal put a ka-bosh on playing old shows and videos, apparently most videos and TV shows have a limited talent contract, which means that if we wanted to replay ANY old shows like Remote Control we'd have to pay Ken Ober, Kari Wuhr, and Colin Quinn and MTV wasn't into that. Same thing went for Videos (We only had about 10 we could play). But still anyone who saw Aphex Twin on the Jumbotron knows that it was worth it. We also couldn't play more of The State, for similiar reasons.

However we did get to show Marilyn Manson (before he was Marilyn Manson on some show with John Norris) where Marilyn revealed he had a friend who worked at a copy shop. Also we got to see Guns and Roses destroy the Headbangers Ball set and we watched a 7 minute episode of Singled Out. So we didn't leave totally empty handed.

I'll have more later, but now I have to eat.

Wednesday, May 16

Foo Fighters, Courtney Love and Human Giant

Before last week The Foo Fighters, Courtney Love and Human Giant had only one thing in common...we all saw Krist Novoselic naked but now we have something bigger that unites us all. We are the only 3 groups of people that have been allowed to host MTV (and MTV2) LIVE for 24 Hours Straight!

Literally a week ago MTV came to us and asked us if we would be interested in doing a 24 hour a week. We said, "Yes!"" and since then we have been working our asses off to figure out how exactly to fill the time. We have full access to the MTV vaults, we can play pretty much anything we want, with the exception of anything Nirvana related (Damn you, Courtney Love). So that means Old Remote Control, Singled Out, Beavis and Butthead, Sifle and Ollie and tons more. Plus we'll be airing a Human Giant Marathon. Every episode from our entire 1st season and we have a ton of amazing guests like....

Will Arnett
Chris Anderson
Fred Armisen
Matt Besser
Andy Blitz
Michael Cera
Cracked Out
Curtis and John
Jon Daly
Zach Galifianakis
Brett Gelman
Jon Glaser
Bill Hader
Kane Brothers (Wrote the Theme to Illusionators and Spacelords)
Nick Kroll
Adam McKay
Eugene Mirman
John Mullaney
The National
Bob Odenkirk
Rob Riggle
Andy Sandberg
Slovin and Allen
Michael Showalter
Jorma Taccone
Tapes 'n Tapes
Ted Leo
Tegan and Sara
The Walkmen
Andrew WK
.....and many more

It all starts This Friday (5/18) on MTV/MTV2 at Noon and continues till Saturday (5/19) Noon

So stay up with us, we are commited to staying up the entire time and every hour we'll be having contests that you'll virtually be able to interact with (I know that last part sounds lame, but it won't be)

Also If you want FREE tickets to be in the audience, just send an e-mail to and please include the following:

-Age (You Have to Be over 18)
-Phone number

Of course, you are not obligated to stay in the audience for the full 24 hours and can stay as long as you want from what I understand. It should be really fun. It's basically going to be a huge party. Come and Go as you Please

This is going to be Insane!

BTW if you have a video you want to see or remember a cool episode of an old MTV show post in the comments, we'll try to play it.

Monday, May 7

Some Things You Shouldn't Say During Your Cinco De Mayo Party

I hope everyone had a great Cinco De Mayo. However after going to a few parties, I learned that their are a few things that you should never say say...

1.) Who's in the Mood for some Jimmy Buffet
2.) Cinco De Mayo is Spanish for May Handjobs!
3.) Anyone want to play with My Machetes
4.) Let's Rob a Bank!
5.) Did You know that Cinco De Mayo is the only day when you can't get Herpes

The Magic Gypsies Have Met Their Match...Check Out This Illusionators Parody Video

Here's Some More Selleck Submissions...
Keep Them Coming (FYI: All pictures will be posted, I'm just doing 2 at a time)

Friday, May 4

Selleck Pictures, Magical Gypsies and Spiderman 3

Keep the Tom Selleck submissions coming here are a few to inspire you:

Also we are Loving all the Human Giant Fan Videos
Here's one of our Favorites: The Magic Gypsies

Click Here for More Gypsies

Spiderman 3
For all you Los Angeles Fans of Spiderman Out There...Check This Show Out.

Hosted by Peter Parker and Spider-Man

Do You Like Spider-Man?
Do You Hate Spider-Man?

If you answered yes to either of these questions then this show is for you.

Paul Scheer, Chad Carter, Paul Rust and Neil Campbell come together for one night only to celebrate and seriously infringe on copyrighted material as they celebrate the MOST EXPENSIVE MOVIE EVER MADE: SPIDER-MAN 3. So before you go see it in IMAX see us make fun of it at UCB.

With Special Guests:
Ed Helms
Doug Benson
(Best Week Ever)
Scott Aukerman (Mr. Show)
James Adomian (Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson)
June Raphael, Joel Spence and Johnny Meeks (Sentimental Lady)
Eric Appel & Ben Rodgers
Plus a film by Jonah Ray

and More....

UCB's Unsanctioned and Unauthorized Spider-Man III Show!
Saturday May 5 at 10pm ($8)
reserve tickets now >>

Tuesday, May 1

Exclusive: Tom Selleck Hates Human Giant

Ali and Frazier
Jay Z and Nas
Rosie O'Donnell and Donald Trump
and now...

For far too long Human Giant has kept our mouths shut on the issue of Tom Selleck. But no more! We are finally breaking the silence. We have to let the world know what we know about Mr. Tom Selleck (aka Magnum P.I.).

Earlier this year Human Giant approached Tom Selleck about appearing in our show. He said, "No!" Wow, seems like Tom Selleck has a bad case of the "Go Fuck Yourself Human Giants" But guess what? We won't stand for it.

Tom Selleck This is WAR!

Apparently Tom Selleck thinks he is better than us. Now you might be thinking, "Wait a second, Tom Selleck just said he wouldn't appear in your show, that doesn't make him a bad dude." Really? Well let me put it this way, if Tom won't do Human Giant a favor, then chances are he won't do YOU a favor. Case in Point, Tom Selleck is a Bad Dude!

Plus I heard through a friend of a friend, who knew a guy, who once saw Tom Selleck at a Best Buy and he said that Tom hit a toddler in the head with a wireless router. He then walked out of the store with a unpaid for giant Plasma TV under his arm. When security tried to stop him, he grabbed his junk and said, "Suck it Bitches!" and that's a True Story.

Tom Selleck You Can't Push us Around Anymore!

If you have some photoshop skills I encourage you to make your own Anti-Tom Selleck Propaganda. Let the world know where you stand on the issue of Tom Selleck.
Try These Sample Phrases (Or Make Up Your Own)

  • Tom Selleck Hates Me!
  • Tom Selleck Hates You!
  • Tom Selleck Thinks He's Better Than You
  • Tom Selleck Forgot My Birthday...On Purpose.
  • Tom Selleck is Not My Friend
  • Tom Selleck Thought Hitler was a Cool Dude
  • Tom Selleck is German for "Go Fuck Yourself"
  • "Quigley Down Under" Sucks!

Stay Tuned. This is only Day One. We won't Stop until Tom Selleck agrees to do our Sketch. In the Meantime Share your Selleck Stories and Anti-Tom Selleck Propaganda Pictures in the Comment Section.

For Further Explanation Watch Human Giant's Appearance on Carson Daly