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HOLY SHIT! That was awesome. The Lost Finale managed to be very fulling and ultimately gave little to no answers at the same time. How do they do that?

I apologize for my lack of LOST posts but frankly the show has been incredibly revealing and their haven't been too many secret things, besides this.. Everyone has seen this freez frame /screen cap of Jacob from a few weeks back, right?

I have no real info about Jacob, but it's pretty cool...

First let me admit the nerdiest thing ever. I actually figured out that Jack's flashback was actually a future forward when I saw the type of phone he was using. I was like, "C'mon prop department, that phone wasn't avail before the crash..wait a second...Holy Shit, he's off the island!" Then I sat upright on my couch for the rest of the 2 hours, trying to figure out what the hell is going on.

Here's what I do know, in the future, Jack looks like Fidel Castro and Walt has aged 20 years in two seasons.

The Obituary: Who Died?

  • The first sentence of the article Jack carries around in the flash-forward seems to read, "Los Angeles, Man found dead in downtown loft [unreadable], The body of Jo.. [unreadable] ..Manhatten Rd, New York was discovered shortly after 4 a.m. in the.. [unreadable] of Grand Avenue. Ted.. [unreadable] at The Tower.. [unreadable] .. heard loud noises.. [unreadable]..m's loft. Co.. [unreadable] ..entered the.. [unreadable] ..a beam in the.. [unreadable] ..[ac]cordin[g].. [unreadable].."
  • With some extrapolation, the second paragraph of the article can be read as describing a suicide: "Ted somebody, a watchman at The Tower, claims that he heard loud noises coming from the victim's loft. Concerned for the (resident's) safety, he entered the loft and discovered the body hanging from a beam in the ???room." The "loud noises" hint that it may not have been an actual suicide, but rather a murder staged to look like a suicide.
  • Possible reference to the just-announced Grand Avenue Project which would place the flash-forwards several years from now, possibly past the 2010 end-date of the show. (which would maybe explain Walt's aging, does time pass quicker off the island then on it? and if sop can Walt travel through time and space to deliver messages)
  • Some speculate the name on the obit is Jeremy Bentham. who's that? Apparently he invented the Panopticon. The Panopticon is a type of prison building designed by English philosopher Jeremy Bentham in the late eighteenth century. The concept of the design is to allow an observer to observe all prisoners without the prisoners being able to tell if they are being observed or not, thus conveying a "sentiment of an invisible omniscience." In his own words, Bentham described the Panopticon as "a new mode of obtaining power of mind over mind, in a quantity hitherto without example."
The Funeral Home

IThe a anagram for Flash Forward..

Unanswered Questions
Here are a bunch of questions that don't have answere but are really good to think about. It hurts my head.


  • Is Christian Shephard alive, or does Jack, in his unstable condition, believe that he is?
  • Why is Jack so set on returning to the island?
  • How did Jack and Kate get off the island?
  • Who is the "he" Kate mentions to Jack at the airport?
  • Why has Kate insisted that Jack not contact her?
  • During what time period did the flash forward occur?
  • Who was the woman Jack saved from the burning car?
  • Who was the funeral for, and why, after the news of their death, does Jack attempt suicide?
  • Who, if any, of the other Losties were able to get off the island?
  • Now rescued, has Jack begun to "believe" in the mysterious "powers" of the island?
  • If Naomi was telling the truth, and the outside world believed they had found Flight 815 and its cargo of corpses, how is their apparent return from the dead explained to the world?
  • How has Kate received immunity from prosecution upon returning to the "real" world?
  • With the season ending at the end of the "Flash-Forward" does this mean the series will continue in this "Flash-Forward" as main timeline?
    • Will any further island events be flash-backs from the main timeline?

On the Island

  • Who was Naomi working for?
  • Why or how was the Looking Glass transmitting directly to Penny (or reverse) immediately after the jamming switch was deactivated.
  • If Penny didn't send the boat, why was she calling the island when Charlie deactivated the jamming device?
  • Even though Penny has been looking for Desmond (and perhaps the island), does she even know about the Dharma Initiative? How much?
  • Was Mikhail wounded or killed by the grenade detonation?
  • Where did Locke go after he left the main group of Losties at the end of the episode?
  • How or why did Juliet know about the signal jamming but not Mikail?
  • What is the Temple and why are The Others going there?
  • Who was the musician who programmed the key pad in the Looking Glass station?
  • Is "the musician" who programmed the key pad still on the island?
  • What assignment in Canada were Bonnie and Greta supposed to be on?
  • Why would The Others have any business in Canada?
  • What are the "forces stronger than anything it the Island has faced in many, many years" that Ben was warning Alex about?
  • Why does Tom disobey Ben?
  • How does Mikhail survive the harpoon? Is it related to the Island's supposed healing properties?
  • Could Charlie have sealed the radio room from the main room?
  • What happened between the time Danielle taped the recording and her giving birth?
  • Why did Danielle tell people the Others controlled the radio tower when it is, in fact, abandoned?
  • How did Locke know where the Losties would be and how to get there?
  • Why would Locke kill Naomi, but not Jack, or Cooper?
What Next?
Apparently the producers and writers are going into "Radio Silence" until Season 4 in Feb. 2008.. So all these questions, will be slowly eating away at us for the next 9 months...DAMN YOU CARLTON CUSE and DAMON LINDELOF! DAMN YOU TO HELL!


At 3:47 PM, Blogger Nicholas said...

What an amazing episode. I was on the verge of tears when Charlie died and I felt bad for previously finding him annoying. It's going to be a long summer. I hope the third season is released to dvd soon so that I can obsessively watch them over and over again.

Does Jacob look like Locke with grey hair and a beard or is that just me?

I also was set off by noticing Jack's KRZR phone.

I assumed that the reference to Christian Shepard was just him being a crazy drug addict.

It occurred to me that maybe the title of the show refers to the state that all the characters were in when they arrive on the island. Once on the island they get to fulfill their needs of doing what they really need to do. John Locke wants to be special and he is. Jack Shepard wants to fix things and he does. It seems natural that Jack would want to get back the island where it seemed like he was needed and life gave him challenges.

I would guess that Kate has to get back to Sawyer.

I thought that maybe the person in the casket was John Locke OR his father OR Sawyer.

It seems like maybe Ben was telling the truth about Naomi.

I think that Mikhail may be like Richard, some sort of super human who has been on the island forever. Or something. I don't think it's an accident that he's come back from two seemingly fatal run-ins.

Tom disobeys Ben because it's clear that Ben has gone crazy and is panicking.

On most submarines and military ships the doors can be opened and locked from both sides in case the ship floods.

I would guess that the vision of Walt told him where to go and what was happening with Naomi.

I think Locke killed Naomi because he knew she was going to betray them. Jack is someone Locke respects and Cooper had a Stockholm syndrome styled control over Locke.

It does seem odd that the Others never bothered to turn off her distress signal.

At 11:33 AM, Blogger Sdr said...

I saw Jack's phone too and I thought it was props fluke, which then kinda made me happy. But then at the end well blown away. Oh how the future does that

Mikhail reminds me of lady in Austin Powers two Robin Spitz Swallows "WHY WON'T YOU DIE?!?" the man had gotten his brains scrambled, harpooned, kinda blown him self up under water. So if he could live with all of that how did he not regenerate an eye?

I agree what do they need in Canada? Mounties?

Maybe Penny's Father since he's all money bags has to do something with Dharma?

Love how Sayid snapped that guys neck

At 12:14 PM, Anonymous jim treacher said...

Heh, you've been checking Lostpedia, haven't you? I added the thing about the Grand Avenue Project, which nobody else had picked up on yet. Factor in that there won't be a "tower" on Grand Avenue in downtown LA until at least 2010, and knowing that's when the show is going to end...

Glad to see TV people are as big of nerds as the rest of us. Oh, and congrats on Human Giant getting picked up!

At 11:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't watch 'Lost' - I'm more of an asshole and just watch sketch comedy... like your faboulously picked up show HUMAN GIANT!!! CONGRATS! That marathon was the best one I've seen on TV - except maybe 'Christmas Story' one on Christmas even thru Christmas day.

At 8:32 PM, Anonymous christian said...

i saw the phone and thought flash forward too, but then did you notice how they tried to throw you off by having jack listening to "in utero" in his jeep...nice try, LOST.


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