Sunday, May 20

Quick Post about the Human Giant 24 MTV Takeover

Holy Crap! I just Slept for 16 Hours, Straight. I didn't even know that was possible.

I just wanted to give everyone a quick update...We did it...We got over a million hits on our website all because of You! So Thank You So Much.

Your Texts, Emails, Phone Calls, and Picture Submissions were amazing. Also a big shout of to all of you who gently spammed by telling all your friends to check out our site, we really appreciated it. Plus a big thanks to all the people who stayed up with us, at home, on webcam and especially at MTV (They get an especially because they had limited use of the bathroom and very little food).

So it's official Human Giant will get another season on MTV and we are really excited about that. Hosting MTV for 24 Hours was so much fun and again we couldn't have done it for 24 hours straight with out the amazing guests, musical performances, and all the people who dropped by. Even the people that egged the TRL Studios at 5 AM, that was awesome, I hope you didn't get arrested.

If you missed any of the 24 hours Subtearean Blog did an Amazing job of Live Blogging. Check that out here

Also the Human Giant MTV Site has tons of videos from the night. You have to check that out. I don't think anyone else has put up as many videos as they have.

In case you were wondering...Unfortunately at the last minute MTV Legal put a ka-bosh on playing old shows and videos, apparently most videos and TV shows have a limited talent contract, which means that if we wanted to replay ANY old shows like Remote Control we'd have to pay Ken Ober, Kari Wuhr, and Colin Quinn and MTV wasn't into that. Same thing went for Videos (We only had about 10 we could play). But still anyone who saw Aphex Twin on the Jumbotron knows that it was worth it. We also couldn't play more of The State, for similiar reasons.

However we did get to show Marilyn Manson (before he was Marilyn Manson on some show with John Norris) where Marilyn revealed he had a friend who worked at a copy shop. Also we got to see Guns and Roses destroy the Headbangers Ball set and we watched a 7 minute episode of Singled Out. So we didn't leave totally empty handed.

I'll have more later, but now I have to eat.


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MTV is finally up to speed - dam its been a long time coming. Sketch comedy has been crying for heroes every since Kids in the Hall went off the air. that was a sad - SAD - time.For those about to make me laugh I SALUTE YOU!! Now its time to heavy air guitar around my room as I watch Human Giant - ON DEMAND! Yes when I freaking please. Oh yes - you are now at my viewing mercy!


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