Friday, May 4

Selleck Pictures, Magical Gypsies and Spiderman 3

Keep the Tom Selleck submissions coming here are a few to inspire you:

Also we are Loving all the Human Giant Fan Videos
Here's one of our Favorites: The Magic Gypsies

Click Here for More Gypsies

Spiderman 3
For all you Los Angeles Fans of Spiderman Out There...Check This Show Out.

Hosted by Peter Parker and Spider-Man

Do You Like Spider-Man?
Do You Hate Spider-Man?

If you answered yes to either of these questions then this show is for you.

Paul Scheer, Chad Carter, Paul Rust and Neil Campbell come together for one night only to celebrate and seriously infringe on copyrighted material as they celebrate the MOST EXPENSIVE MOVIE EVER MADE: SPIDER-MAN 3. So before you go see it in IMAX see us make fun of it at UCB.

With Special Guests:
Ed Helms
Doug Benson
(Best Week Ever)
Scott Aukerman (Mr. Show)
James Adomian (Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson)
June Raphael, Joel Spence and Johnny Meeks (Sentimental Lady)
Eric Appel & Ben Rodgers
Plus a film by Jonah Ray

and More....

UCB's Unsanctioned and Unauthorized Spider-Man III Show!
Saturday May 5 at 10pm ($8)
reserve tickets now >>


At 7:34 PM, Anonymous lve2beatit said...

i just thought i should let you know that i was watching E and they had a segment on tom selleck, and the first thing thats comes to my mind is you.


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