Saturday, June 2

Brief Update...

Tomorrow is the MTV Movie Awards hosted by Sarah Silverman and Human Giant has been invited to go, but there was a catch, we have text this service called Twitter. It's a new web thing, that's actually pretty cool it's like reading people's private texts. If you subscribe you get copied on every text we send.

Just text FOLLOW HUMANGIANT to 40404 or visit to get started. It’s free. So seriously what do you have to lose. If you sign up you can can get texts from all of us (Rob, Aziz, Jason and I) throughout the night. Knowing us they'll probably all be about Fashion...You know how much we love what young hollywood is wearing. Ooh lala I love pant suits!

* Also Human Giant shot 13 special BRAND NEW MTV promos that will be airing during the MTV Movie Awards, We didn't write the spots but we think they turned out pretty well. So look out for those. I think they are only airing one time during the movie awards.*


At 1:15 PM, Blogger Jessie Costello said...

I absolutely loved the HG shorts on the movie awards. Better than Johnny Depp's suit jacket/early 90s flannel combo? It's a toss-up.


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