Friday, August 24

USO Tour (Day 6) Brassfeild Mora

This was our final day of USO Shows. We ended up in Central Iraq with an elite group of soldiers at Brassfield Mora. It was 1st and only indoor show of the entire trip and we performed it in a mess hall under the watchful eye of it's cook "Big Grease"...

So that's it for all the pictures from Iraq. We all had an incredible time and without getting too schmaltzy everyone that accompanied us and all the soldiers we met were absolutely amazing. These men and woman who are over in Iraq and Kuwait are truly outstanding human beings and I felt lucky to meet them. I can't wait to go back again.

On a side note I just want to express my utter gratitude to the USO. Who I learned late in the trip is not funded by the government and I never realized that. They do an amazingly selfless job and provide soldiers with much needed MWR (Moral, Welfare and Recreation). They provide, plan and organize everything from booking these types of shows to getting companies to donate calling cards (and much, much more). The USO is always trying to bring some fun into these soldiers lives while they are in dangerous spots and that's awesome. For many of the soldiers we were the 1st type of show they had gotten in over 12 months. So kudos to them for making that happen. They are a great org and if you every have a chance to do something with them, I highly reccomend it.

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Thursday, August 23

USO Tour (Day 5) Northern Iraq - FOB McHenry

On Day 5 we started visiting smaller bases or FOB's (Forward Operating Bases) these bases are where a lot of the action in the war is happening. These small camps were incredibly different bases then what we previously visited, it's a purely soldier run. Which means everything from cooking the food all the way down to cleaning the latrines it's apart of these soldier's responsibilities along of course with their daily missions of fighting a war...Meet the Wolfhounds

Here's a short compilation of Blackhawk Helicopter Footage that I took over Iraq

Wednesday, August 22

USO (Day 4) Iraq/Kuwait/Iraq

Day 4 was a kinda of a bust...We spent about 15 hours trying to get from Camp Bucca in Southern Iraq back to Kuwait so we could catch a connecting flight on a c-130 to go back to Northern Iraq.

(FYI: There are captions under the slideshow photos, I think you have to click the text button)

Kuwait is a very advanced country, some might say futuristic, as shown here by use of Dippin' Dots, Ice Cream of the Future, Vending Machine.

One of the Bases let us accompany the soldiers to a firing range where they let us test out a whole bunch of weapons

Tuesday, August 21

USO Tour (Day 3) Iraq (Camp Bucca)

On Day 3 we left Kuwait and entered Iraq. Our first stop was Camp Bucca, the largest prison in the world...

If you have trouble with the slide show click here
USO Tour (Day 3) Iraq - Camp Bucca

Day 4 Tomorrow...

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Monday, August 20

Back From Iraq...

We made it back from our week in Iraq without incident and it was truly amazing. We met amazing soldiers, rode in Blackhawk helicopters, shot tanks, and watched DVD Bootlegs of Rush Hour 3, This place had everything. Big thanks to the USO, who really made this trip unbelievable.

However, my plan of picture and video blogging was severely hindered by the fact that Iraq's infrastructure doesn't really support high speed DSL. Who knew?

Throughout the week, I'll be posting pictures and videos from the trip, I have a ton.

In the meantime, watch The Daily Show all this week for Rob Riggle's reports from Iraq. They are going to be great.

Sunday, August 12

USO Tour (Day 2)

Here are some more photos from our USO Tour in the Persian Gulf...

Saturday, August 11

1st Day in Kuwait...

We just landed after 20 hours of Travel From LAX to Kuwait. It's a comfortable 120 outside and we had steaks at the gaucho grill. So far the most suprising thing about Kuwait, people are fans of "School for Scoundrels." i'm glad it translates.

Check out some of the 1st things we saw here....

Having Trouble Click Here...
Day 1

Thursday, August 9

Anyone Know any good Restaurants in Bagdad?

On Friday morning Rob Huebel, Rob Riggle, and Horatio Sanz and I will be shipping out to Iraq for over a week to do shows for the troops as part of the USO under the title "OPERATION: SMELL THE HEAT."

I haven't been to Iraq since I was a kid but I have fond memories of "Space Mountain" and "Mr. Toads Wild Ride" plus I love the Electric Parade...oh wait I think that's Disney World, I always getting those two confused. Disney has the rides and Iraq has a 130 degree daily temp, that's right.

It should be an amazing time, I'm equally parts excited and nervous, not necessarily about my safety but more about seeing what's going on over their 1st hand and not just staring in Wolf Blitzer's dreamy eyes as he tells me all about it on the Situation Room.

Just keep your fingers crossed that their are no Transformer attacks while we are their because I saw that Michael Bay documentary and those things are brutal.

Case in Point!

Also I just hope that these troops who are used to people like Kid Rock, Faith Hill, The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, and Chuck Norris are going to be cool with a bunch of basic cable jackass entertaining them. Either way we are just really excited to hang out and say thanks to the troops who are busting their asses over their.

(By the way if you are in the Persian Gulf area or know anybody that is, the USO can give them details about our shows. The locations are secret, even to us...So check out the USO website for more info)

By the way, the coolest thing that I found out about the USO is that Gary Sinise travels over their all the time with with the Lt. Dan Band. I've never heard them, but if it's as good as Bubba Gump restaurant, I already love it.

Hopefully, I'll get a chance to photo and video blog while I'm over their, but I'm not exactly sure what the Internet connections will be like, so if this page isn't updated take a look at these pages while I'm gone...
* Also check out my Guest Blogs about "Superbad" and the "Iron Sheik" over on TSOYA Blog. *

Monday, August 6

New Season of Human Giant Starts Jan 2008 and other Stuff

Sorry for not blogging for a bit but I got a bad case of Shia Labeouf Fever and I was laid up for most of July, however it was much more charming then I expected.

So production on "Human Giant" Season 2 has officially started, we are looking towards an air date of Jan 2008...Now I know that may seem like awhile but when you think of it, it's only like 22 weeks...Actually yeah thats a pretty long time.

But if you want some new Human Giant stuff before then, I'm going to try to keep a production blog, so you can see what we are up too...Here's is official photo from the 2nd season.

Paul, Jerry Bruckheimer, Rob, and Aziz
As you can see we stepped it up a notch. Season 2 is all about Hanging with Bruckheimer.
(I'm pretty positive his suit jacket is more expensive then my rent)

Also this week I'll be guest blogging on one of my favorite websites while Jesse Thorn the always entertaining host of the best public radio show in the world "THE SOUND OF YOUNG AMERICA" takes a much deserved vacation. I'm lucky to be guest blogging along side the awesome Bill Hader (SNL) and the amazing Merlin Mann (43 Folders Blog).

And finally a few weeks ago I was asked to be a guest on Jason Nash's podcast "Guys with Feelings" Listen to it and hear all about how I got fired from the latest Eddie Murphy Movie, "Starship Dave."

More Soon....