Thursday, August 9

Anyone Know any good Restaurants in Bagdad?

On Friday morning Rob Huebel, Rob Riggle, and Horatio Sanz and I will be shipping out to Iraq for over a week to do shows for the troops as part of the USO under the title "OPERATION: SMELL THE HEAT."

I haven't been to Iraq since I was a kid but I have fond memories of "Space Mountain" and "Mr. Toads Wild Ride" plus I love the Electric Parade...oh wait I think that's Disney World, I always getting those two confused. Disney has the rides and Iraq has a 130 degree daily temp, that's right.

It should be an amazing time, I'm equally parts excited and nervous, not necessarily about my safety but more about seeing what's going on over their 1st hand and not just staring in Wolf Blitzer's dreamy eyes as he tells me all about it on the Situation Room.

Just keep your fingers crossed that their are no Transformer attacks while we are their because I saw that Michael Bay documentary and those things are brutal.

Case in Point!

Also I just hope that these troops who are used to people like Kid Rock, Faith Hill, The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, and Chuck Norris are going to be cool with a bunch of basic cable jackass entertaining them. Either way we are just really excited to hang out and say thanks to the troops who are busting their asses over their.

(By the way if you are in the Persian Gulf area or know anybody that is, the USO can give them details about our shows. The locations are secret, even to us...So check out the USO website for more info)

By the way, the coolest thing that I found out about the USO is that Gary Sinise travels over their all the time with with the Lt. Dan Band. I've never heard them, but if it's as good as Bubba Gump restaurant, I already love it.

Hopefully, I'll get a chance to photo and video blog while I'm over their, but I'm not exactly sure what the Internet connections will be like, so if this page isn't updated take a look at these pages while I'm gone...
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