Monday, August 6

New Season of Human Giant Starts Jan 2008 and other Stuff

Sorry for not blogging for a bit but I got a bad case of Shia Labeouf Fever and I was laid up for most of July, however it was much more charming then I expected.

So production on "Human Giant" Season 2 has officially started, we are looking towards an air date of Jan 2008...Now I know that may seem like awhile but when you think of it, it's only like 22 weeks...Actually yeah thats a pretty long time.

But if you want some new Human Giant stuff before then, I'm going to try to keep a production blog, so you can see what we are up too...Here's is official photo from the 2nd season.

Paul, Jerry Bruckheimer, Rob, and Aziz
As you can see we stepped it up a notch. Season 2 is all about Hanging with Bruckheimer.
(I'm pretty positive his suit jacket is more expensive then my rent)

Also this week I'll be guest blogging on one of my favorite websites while Jesse Thorn the always entertaining host of the best public radio show in the world "THE SOUND OF YOUNG AMERICA" takes a much deserved vacation. I'm lucky to be guest blogging along side the awesome Bill Hader (SNL) and the amazing Merlin Mann (43 Folders Blog).

And finally a few weeks ago I was asked to be a guest on Jason Nash's podcast "Guys with Feelings" Listen to it and hear all about how I got fired from the latest Eddie Murphy Movie, "Starship Dave."

More Soon....


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