Friday, September 21

My Trip to the VMA's

Sorry about the lack of posts over the last month. We've been working hard on Human Giant Season 2. Plus and I'm embarrassed to admit this, I got addicted to watching old episodes of "Laguna Beach" (Season 2) and "The Hills" which I never saw before, and I think is AMAZING! (but more on that in another post).

So last week we went to the VMA's...We had Front Row Seats and it was Redonkulous! Somehow we managed to get seated between Lauren and the girls from "The Hills" and 50 Cent. We had no business being that close but it was Awesome!.

As you entered into the auditorium they made you take a spin on the MTV slot machine and if you won, you got to produce Ashlee Simpson's new album. Pretty Sweet!

Everyone was talking about Britney's Performance at the VMA's. Here's a first hand reaction to it from Human Giant as it happens LIVE. Look for a very non plussed 50 Cent watching it in the background.

The Illusionators Meet The Mindfreak.
Illusionators meet the MindFreak
Both parties left unscathed but he did turn our director Jason Woliner into a digital camera to take this picture. That was a pretty awesome trick.

What the F!? Dr. Dre got JACKED!
Dr. Dre
Look at his Thigh Muscles , they are bigger than my Torso. I heard backstage he was crushing cattle skulls with his Calfs just for Fun.

Justin Timberlake
Ok, I'm a little embarassed to admit this, but JT is pretty awesome. I got so excited when he sang and danced in front of us that I threw a pair of my Hanes Boxer Briefs at him, I still haven't heard back from him but I haven't given up hope. We had a thing. We connected. I swear. We'll be best friends forever! JT! PLEASE! CALL ME (my number is inside the elastic waistband)

Finally, no Trip to Vegas or the VMAs would be complete without seeing someone "Make it Rain" and that's exactly what Akon did. Now If you know anything about me, you know I'm a Huge Club Guy (hence my love for Shiny Shirts) and you also know that I love it when rappers visit the clubs I'm at and "make it rain", so by default this has to be my favorite video of all time. Just picture being their and getting a chance to grab a FREE One dollar bill. Holy crap, That's awesome. Think of all the options you'd have on the Wendy's Value Menu. By the way, I'm pretty sure this is one of the levels of Hell that Dante wrote about.


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